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Success Stories

Acquisition Due Diligence and Subsequent Business Integration

Global Sensor Products Manufacturer

Engaged to build-out, through acquisition and subsequent integration of the acquired business, a $1 billion dollar+ global sensors business. Conducted numerous due diligence evaluations, synergy identification and business case construction to acquire these businesses. This consolidated business now designs, produces and sells a full range of sensor applications across multiple industry sectors, including automotive, medical devices, consumer electronics/wearable devices, consumer appliances, industrial automation, and aerospace controls.

Critical to success in these acquisitions was determining the synergies, consolidations and process improvements that could be achieved (over a defined time-frame) within the manufacturing processes, facility footprint and organizational design & capabilities. Likewise, determining the capital investments required to achieve these improvements was key to determine acquisition prices and investment paybacks.

Having a credible plan and proven process to conduct the proper due diligence valuation and subsequent integration is critical to a successful business integration. DSA brings this level of expertise and rigor to any acquisition (or divestiture) project.

Demand Forecasting and Sales & Operations Planning Process

Telecommunications Products Manufacturer

Like many telecom suppliers, this business struggled with the cyclical nature of this industry - not enough capacity when demand shoots way up; too much capacity when a quick slowdown hits. This business was in dire need of a demand forecasting and sales & operations planning process, along with stronger customer intimacy to better understand customer direction in real-time.

We started with deploying a demand forecasting process (with basic statistical forecasting tool) and constructing a collaborative and iterative process between Sales, Product Management and Operations. The key was to build trust and candidness between the functions to allow the correct capacities to expanded (or contracted).


Also, we trained the Sales and Product Management teams on how to interact with their customers to understand their upcoming buying needs more consistently. This closer customer intimacy model allowed the Sales/PM teams to better "uplift" or "downgrade" the statistical forecast based on solid market intelligence.


Ultimately, the collective team delivered a well integrated and correlated demand and supply plan, which made financial forecasting easy and predictable. As key side benefits, this process also yielded much higher customer delivery performance and reduced internal inventory levels.

New Manufacturing Site Selection & Start-Ups (Mexico & Romania)

Global Electronic Components Manufacturer

With ever-shortening manufacturing cycle time expectations, and increasing trade and tariff uncertainty, companies that rely entirely on Asian (China) run the risk of losing business to competitors that have established comparable manufacturing in the regions in which they sell.

That's precisely what a global electronics manufacturer asked us to address -- provide the business with comparable manufacturing capability in North America and Europe that can serve as a more local alternative to its Chinese manufacturing capability.


We evaluated the best countries / regions within the broader region, conducted alternative site evaluations, worked with local authorities, and started up the new operating facilities within months. Today, the business is benefited by improved cost structures, redundant global capabilities (a good thing!), and vastly shortened manufacturing cycle times.

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