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Business Consulting Services

Operational Improvement / Business Turnaround

DSA can support, lead or provide advisory guidance on your needed operational improvements up to and including "turnaround" situations:

  • Organizational structure evaluation; Suggested improvements/changes

  • Performance diagnosis; Targeted improvement opportunity plan

  • Deployment of continuous improvement methods: Lean, Six Sigma, Shainin

  • Conversion productivity improvements incl. conversion productivity plan

  • Global strategic sourcing (procurement) approach incl. materials productivity plan

  • Planning & scheduling process improvement, including S&OP and forecasting

  • Global supply chain and footprint optimization plan; Project execution

  • Quality system development and management; Defect reduction

  • Manufacturing engineering support; Factory automation

Acquisitions, Mergers and Divestitures

DSA can provide a wide range of services if you are considering an acquisition, merger or partial divestiture:

  • Structured pre and formal due diligence planning and execution

  • Business case and synergy development; Stranded cost identification and elimination

  • Robust acquisition integration or divestiture "carve out" planning; Project management of integration / disintegration

  • Organizational redesign and execution plan

New Business Start-up / Ramp-up

Whether you are needing to expand to support growth or looking to optimize your footprint for cost optimization, DSA can support you from start to finish in many regions of the world:

  • Capacity expansion planning (people, space & equipment); Detailed project budgeting and overall project management

  • Alternative location selection criteria information and costing (incl. local labor costs and other costs of doing business); Supply chain network optimization.

  • New facilities location identification, evaluation and business case development; Incentives identification and contacts

  • New building cost estimating, budgeting and construction (build-out) project management

  • Initial staffing of key roles (i.e site manager)

Executive Coaching and Development

DSA advisors have successfully developed multiple organizations globally. We can help you and your team reach your full potential, both personally and professionally:

  • Develop or enhance management operating system (daily, monthly, yearly)

  • Goal-setting (KPIs), deployment and alignment. Hoshin X-matrix methodology

  • Goal performance monitoring and effective countermeasure management

  • Enhanced communications and messaging approach

  • Improving people management effectiveness and assessment

  • Organizational evaluation and design or refinement; Talent evaluation and development

Board Advisory / Board Membership

DSA is available to serve as objective and independent expert counsel to your Board of Directors or Executive Management team, specifically regarding operational (including supply chain) performance benchmarks (comparisons) and identifying major performance gaps and improvement approaches. 


Thomas Weikart, DSA Principal, selectively considers BOD membership for organizations that have a specific need for Board-level oversight of critical business operations improvements and operational turnarounds.

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