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Desert Sage Advisors LLC

When your business transformation could use some sage advice

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Thomas Weikart, DSA Principal

Advising and Supporting your Business Transformation Needs

Operational Improvement and Business Turnaround

Acquisitions, Mergers and Divestitures

New Business Start-up and Ramp-up

Executive Coaching and Development

Board Advisory and Membership

About DSA

Transforming your business operations to keep pace with the changing global marketplace and corresponding customer demands is an imperative to remain successful. With your team, DSA identifies improvements needed, builds a plan on how best to implement the needed change, and supports you through the improvement process. Your success is our absolute mission.


DSA evaluates and diagnoses your business operations from three perspectives:

  1. Financial performance: What actions will expand the margins of your products/production and overall profitability (efficiency) of your business; What maximizes cash flow.

  2. Service performance: What improvements will reduce development/production cycle times and increase customer satisfaction (on-time delivery, quality/yield, responsiveness).

  3. Organizational performance: How are various order-to-cash functions integrated (working together) to provide seamless and efficient service delivery, and how could they improve.

Advisors at DSA have decades of function-specific and broad executive experience leading transformational changes across multiple industry sectors.

Thomas Weikart, principal of DSA, has successfully transformed businesses as the chief operations and supply chain executive for multiple multi-national companies. Through many years of corporate leadership and thousands of personal relationships, Tom has built an extensive network of business consultants that share his commitment to supporting transformational change and stand ready to help your organization dramatically improve and grow your business operations.

 Business Consulting Services

Proven Experience You Can Trust

Operational Improvement Business Turnaround

Are your business operations in need of significant service and financial improvement? Do you need a fast "turnaround" of performance? DSA brings proven methods and expertise to make this need a reality.

Acquisitions, Mergers, Integrations and Divestitures

Wanting to acquire another business? Considering divesting or "carving out" a part of your business? DSA can support your due diligence to ensure that the value you pay or receive is deserved and attainable.

New Business Start-up

Business Ramp-up

DSA can assist you to construct or quickly ramp-up the optimal supply chain network to minimize cost, shorten cycle times and maximize your service levels to customers.

Executive Coaching & Development

DSA principals have developed many of the business and operations leaders running global companies today. We can do the same for your "up and coming" managers, transforming them into the leaders of tomorrow.

Board Advisory and Membership

Looking for a discerning and independent assessment of your business operations? Wanting expert advice on how to make your operations more effective? DSA has the broad expertise and candid voice to help.

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